Secure, convenient banking – anytime, anywhere

with the RoyalPax Capital Bank Debit Mastercard® card

Peace of mind
Shop with confidence knowing your chip card is more difficult to duplicate than traditional magnetic stripe cards, when used at chip-enabled terminals.

24-hour ATM1 access
Withdraw funds and make deposits at RoyalPax Capital Bank ATMs across the country.

Shopping convenience
Use the contactless payment feature, where available, by tapping your card at checkout to complete many smaller purchases.

Worldwide acceptance
Improved experience when making purchases abroad – chip cards are quickly becoming the preferred method of payment for merchants around the globe.

Save on fees
No transaction fees when making domestic purchases, and no additional annual or monthly service fees2 for RoyalPax Capital Bank Debit Mastercard® card.

Online banking
Sign up for Personal Internet Banking and track all your RoyalPax Capital Bank Debit card purchases online.

Added security and worldwide acceptance

RoyalPax Capital Bank chip cards use encryption technology to verify your card at the time of purchase. This makes it harder for your card to be duplicated, and provides an additional layer of protection. Worldwide, chip cards are the standard method of payment, and are quickly growing in acceptance across the United States.

How to use your card

When making purchases at a chip-enabled terminal, simply follow these steps:

  • As shown in the illustration, insert your card into the terminal instead of swiping it.
  • Your card should remain in the terminal for the entire transaction.
  • Remove your card once the transaction is complete.
  • If required, enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and follow the prompts.

1 Non-RoyalPax Capital Bank ATMs may charge access fees.

2 If you effect a foreign transaction on your RoyalPax Capital Bank Bank Consumer Checking or Savings account at an EFT facility with your RoyalPax Capital Bank Debit Mastercard® card, the transaction amount may be further increased by a percentage established from time to time by us.  This Foreign Transaction Fee does not apply to transactions using your RoyalPax Capital Bank Jade World Debit Mastercard® card or RoyalPax Capital Bank Premier World Debit Mastercard® card.

RoyalPax Capital Bank Debit Mastercard® cards are issued by RoyalPax Capital Bank , N.A.  

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Deposit products are offered in the Global by RoyalPax Capital Bank , N.A. Member FDIC.